█ Djordje Jovanovic CGI, 3D, CAD

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  • greg
    13 years ago

    i’m in shock 😉
    nice images, great modeling skills. I like the lighting.
    you use max for modeling or other soft?
    best regards

  • 12 years ago

    excellent! is real!!! jaja

  • Waldo
    12 years ago

    Well been a fan of this texturing piece for a while, i created a tank in the past and now i want to texture it, its hipoly as well, most of details are modelled, since i never approached texturing before i wanted to see, if you could post some UV Layouts, and the Diffuse, Bump and all that stuff… any other info worth mentioning… anyway if you have time 😀

  • 10 years ago

    O some truck is so muck detail all this models are from the same creator?


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