Spot Mini

Boston Dynamics Spot Mini Robot. Made in Fusion360 based on screengrabs from videos.


  • kan liu says:

    Hello, Dorde Jovanovic,I’m come from China, and i’m an architect, we are designing the future city of Mars. The spotmini artificial intelligence robot will play a very important role in human society in the future, so I want to ask if the model can provide download method? It doesn’t matter if it is not convenient, thank you. My email address:

  • Leo Wagg says:

    Hello, I am not building a future city for mars, I am part of an student engineering group at the university of Alberta that is designing a suite of tools for the Spot Mini. I was wondering if you had this model available for download. It looks absolutely amazing!
    Thanks for your time,

  • Andrea Gavazzi says:

    Any chance you make the .step file available?

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