█ Djordje Jovanovic CGI, 3D, CAD

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  • DUFOULEUR Edouard
    9 years ago

    My name is Edward DUFOULEUR . I ‘m studying Computer Graphics 3D in Paris. I apologize in advance for my low English.
    I noticed on your website that you have achieved a grand piano. I was wondering if you were willing to send me the plans you have used . If any time you have used .
    I will not deny that I have encountered significant difficulties in finding suitable materials.

    Thank you in advance .

    Edouard DUFOULEUR

  • Bretislav Kaspar
    7 years ago

    Hi is there any chance to give me this model for my personal project, i would love to do an dynamic model of playing piano..
    I did this in Houdini
    I would like to do whole piano action even with strings and so on..


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